Autumn Hues

The colors of Autumn and Charlotte Dresses are a Delight to See and the Sounds Would Be Better With A Song To Warm The Chilly of “”” Starry Starry Nights “” Dear Soprano

Charlotte Hoather


I love the colours of autumn, it’s going to be great to get back to studying full time mid-September. As the days get shorter I love to get up early and make the most of the sunlight. Though the Autumn brings the summer to a close I have always looked upon it as a time of excitement and new experiences.

I’ve been practising my cooking and baking during the summer at home and I  have enjoyed experimenting with the recipes everyone sent in to me to try. Matt, my brother, introduced me to sweet potato wedges, as well as cheering up the plate with their orange colour it’s a great source of vitamin C and is lower in calories than carbs such as pasta and potatoes. I’ve read that the body makes serotonin to make you happy from foods such as dairy, fish, bananas, dates, almonds and peanuts so I’m…

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